* Chromium browser updated to version 56
  * Adobe Flash Player updated to version
  * RealVNC Server and Viewer updated to version 6.0.2 (RealVNC Connect)
  * Sonic Pi updated to version 2.11
  * Node-RED updated to version 0.15.3
  * Scratch updated to version 120117
  * Detection of SSH enabled with default password moved into PAM
  * Updated desktop GL driver to support use of fake KMS option
  * Raspberry Pi Configuration and raspi-config allow setting of fixed HDMI resolution
  * raspi-config allows enabling of serial hardware independent of serial terminal
  * Updates to kernel and firmware
  * Various minor bug fixes and usability and appearance tweaks
  * Re-release of the 2016-11-25 image with a FAT32-formatted boot partition
  * SSH disabled by default; can be enabled by creating a file with name "ssh" in boot partition
  * Prompt for password change at boot when SSH enabled with default password unchanged
  * Adobe Flash Player included
  * Updates to hardware video acceleration in Chromium browser
  * Greeter now uses background image from last set in Appearance Settings rather than pi user
  * Updated version of Scratch
  * Rastrack option removed from raspi-config and Raspberry Pi Configuration
  * Ability to disable graphical boot splash screen added to raspi-config and Raspberry Pi Configuration
  * Appearance Settings dialog made tabbed to work better on small screens
  * Raspberry Pi Configuration now requires current password to change password
  * Various small bug fixes
  * Updated firmware and kernel